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~ Recent Guild Awards and Honors ~

Amazing Arts Center
December, 2016


Lisa Bailey - "7 Peanut Convention"

Evelyn Melancon - "Lake Powell"

First: John Keane - "Beacon Hill"
Second: Grace Thorn  - "Peaches"
Third: John Pauplis - "Monheagan"
Honorable Mention: Pearl McCarthy - "Morning Calm"

First: Carolyn Colby - "Flower Wagon
Second: Rita McQuinn - "Spring Snow"
Third: Nancy Bailey -
"White to Gold"
Honorable Mention: Aimee Bearer "Autumnal Avenue"

First: Suzan Perry - "Morning Meadow"
Second: Deborah Bottomley - "Sisters
Third: Tobi Hoffman
Honorable Mention: Sonya Maneri - "Coffee Pot"

~ Show Information ~

The Guild has shows at the Framingham Public Library in June and December for 2 to 4 week periods.  Delivery of art work generally takes place between 10 AM and 1 PM at the Library.  The Guild also enjoys having two shows at Premier Image Gallery in Ashland, Don Gordon proprietor.  One show at the Premier Image Gallery is strictly for the Guild and lasts for a month. The second show available to Guild members is a show open to members of all area visual art organizations and will last several months.  There is a small fee set by the proprietor for each piece entered to a maximum of two pieces. 
          Show information is provided in the Guild's monthly newsletter.  Participation in shows requires paid-up full membership practicing artists. All members entering artworks are requested to assist in the hanging and take down of the shows. Pieces not picked up at take-down are subject to a $5 storage charge.

Judging is held in three or four categories depending on the number of pieces received. The usual categories are Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Miscellaneous/Mixed Medium. Ribbons and cash prizes are awarded for First, Second, and Third place, and on occasion, a Fourth prize may be awarded.  Usual cash awards are: First- $35; Second- $25; Third- $10.  Ribbons are awarded for Honorable Mention. The Katherine Eames Best of Show winner receives $50 (for the spring show) or the Lillian Ginns Procter Award (winter show) receives $50. 
        In addition, at the Guild Spring Show, the Delia McDonald Award for Excellence in Oils and the Norman Feather Award for Excellence in the Use of Color may be given. Winners receive ribbons, a cash prize of $25 and their name engraved on a plaque displayed in the Guild Room. 
       The amounts of the cash prizes awarded at the Premier Image Gallery is dependent on the number of entries. Ribbons are awarded in several categories and for First, Second, Third and Honorable Mentions. An Owner's Choice award may also be given.

The Guild requests a 20% on all art sales. The commission at the Premier Image Gallery is 30% at the Guild show. Twenty percent goes to the Gallery and ten percent to the Guild. The Gallery's normal commission is higher but is held lower for the Guild membership.

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