Notes for Members

The Guild exists because of the enthusiasm of its founders and the continuing work and friendship of artists gathered together to network, to improve themselves and their work, to build opportunities to show and sell their works, and to present the public with opportunities to view fine art and to interact with working artists.  Basically, the Guild is YOU. Your success and participation in the Guild, as well as the public, makes the Guild successful.

                    Read your newsletter! It's good stuff.

                    Volunteers are constantly needed.  We exist and function only because our members volunteer their time.  As with most non-profits, some members can end up putting in too much time, risking burnout, which isn't good for any organization.  Even if you have only limited time, there are things that need to be done periodically that don't require long commitment.  Offer your help where you can (even if we don't have something that needs doing immediately, the offer is very much appreciated). Any board member can help get you started.

                   Sizing of Paintings: Paintings are defined as the actual artwork only. It never includes matting, framing or otherwise. The size of the painting is always listed-- Height first then Width. For example: A 24 x 18 painting is 24 inches high and 18 inches wide. The notation Overall means the total height and width of everything including painting, matting, framing and whatever. The entire item edge to edge.
        In other words, your painting could be 24 x 18 but, overall, depending on matting, framing or otherwise, or lack thereof, anywhere from 24 x 18 (this is unframed) to as much as 30 x 24 or more.

                    Reason for size restriction. 40 inches overall (see above note) is the maximum width allowed for any artwork submitted for a show. The height of the artwork, theoretically, is restricted only by the distance between the floor and the ceiling. However, only so many artworks can be hung side by side before space on the wall runs out. Therefore, to hang as many pieces as possible, this restriction has been made.

 Do not hesitate to present your thoughts about who you would like to see demonstrating and critiquing shows. Your feedback about demonstrations and other guild activities is greatly appreciated.

                    Please pay your dues immediately when the annual bill is presented. We keep our dues low so everyone can afford it, but that means every paying member's contribution is that much more important to our budget and daily operations.


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